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System Description

       Pressure Hull :

38 inch sphere attached to 24 inch dia. by 24 inch long cylinder. Manufactured of A516 grade 70 steel with 316 stainless steel hatch rings. Optional aluminum alloy, or titanium hull.
    Power Source :

Two 17 inch dia. battery pods, each containing 10 high-ampere, deep cycle, AGM batteries. Nominal voltage 240

    Maneuvering Control :

Two main 1 H.P. thrusters, plus two angled 1 H.P. vertical thrusters, angled sufficiently to give lateral control. 80 c.ft. ballast air provided for surface buoyancy tank hard ballast system.

    Life Support :

Two oxygen cylinders carried externally. Two redundant, mechanical oxygen controllers with electronic monitoring (analog back-up) internal. Carbon dioxide removed via two scrubbers. Emergency breathing gas via air BIBS.
    Viewing :

Single 26 inch vision dome which serves as entry hatch.

Manipulators :

Equipped with 'Newt-Arms' hydraulic manipulators. Standard reach 5 feet. Multi-function, with wrist lights and video standard.

    Sonar :

'Modified' Imagenex switchable from standard scan to ultra high resolution short range scan. Directional hydrophone.
    Communications :

Surface: ICOM VHF

Sub-Surface: Orcatron UQC and 27 KHZ

    Optional Equipment :

Tracking beacon, Xenon strobe, pinger, magnetometer, burial/excavation pumps, sampling equipment, precision laser measuring system, pipe tracker, explosive attachment lift bag salvage modules, U/W cutting module, Hydraulic cutters/tools.