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System Description

Topside Unit & Towfish, Programs.
       Topside Unit:

The SIS-1500 ChirpScan sonar acquisition/image processing software acquires full-bandwidth Chirp sonar data in real-time and utilizes a Windows 95/NT graphical user interface to display, process, and archive all sonar data, as well as tow vehicle parameter and sensor data. Powerful digital signal processing (DSP) engine performs real-time matched-filter correlation processing on backscatter data, resulting in superior, high-resolution side scan sonar imagery. Upgrades in the graphic user interface allows for processing of mosaics and target mensuration, and the addition of auxiliary subsea sensors
    Towfish :

Material : 316 Stainless Steel.
Weight : 80 lbs.(36kg)
Dimensions : 4.5 inch(11.4cm)dia., 70 inches(178cm) long.
Safety Features : Break-away fins and tow nehicle safety cable. 500 lb. shearpin. Tow vehicle safety cable with 2500 lb. bteaking strengh.