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System Description

Topside Unit & Transducer, Programs.(Option : Motion Sensor)
       Topside Unit(SES-96 Standard Hardware) :

The system SES-96 is the first mobile parametric sediment echo sounder on the international market. The compact design with an user friendly control unit allows the survey even in small and shallow waters with all the advantages of the parametric acoustics, such as the small beamwidth at low frequencies, deep penetrations with high resolutions of layers and objects and very accurate depth measurements with the high frequency. The system has the possibility to store the data digitally but also provides excellent and reliable results during the online processing
    Transducer :

Non-Linear Transmitter, Beamwidth of +/- 1.8 at a size of 0.22*0.22m2, Linear Receiver

active area : 22*22*10cm(LWH).
Weight : 30kg(with steamlinde steel hull)
cable : 20m
       Compact Motion Sensors(CMS-25) :

Accuracy : 0.25
Range : +/- 45
Resolution : Digital - 0.01 , Analogue - 12 bit>
Bandwidth : 0 to > 10 Hz
Update Rate : Digital - Up to 200 Hz,
         Analogue - Up to 500 Hz
Depth Rating : 3000m Standard Up to 6000m Optional
Software Interface : RS 232 or RS 422