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DGPS & Underwater Tracking System Software.
  Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS)

Hypack Max :

  program allows the flexibility and power needed to perform your work. It supports GPS, Range-Azimuth, and Range-Range navigation systems. It supports single beam, dual frequency, multiple transducer, and mulitbeam echosounders, along with gyros, magnetometers, telemetry tide gauges, and other survey devices. The SURVEY program can be configured to display and track single vessels, multiple vessels, or the main vessel and ROVs or towfish. Users can display the vessel positions against background files of DXF, DGN, TIF, S-57, BSB, C-Map, or VPF file format
  Underwater Tracking System
  Pharos is Sonardyne's next generation acoustic navigation software designed to or subsea acoustic positioning applications. Optimum performance is derived when used in conjunction with the Data Fusion Engine.

  Pharos has been designed to utilise standard user interface techniques to simplify complex operations such as calibration and tracking, thus saving vessel time and decreasing the time to first fix.