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System Description

       GPS Basics :

24 GPS Satellites orbit the earth at an altitude of 10,900 nautical miles(20,200 kilometers) twice per day. GPS receivers on the ground calculate their positions by making distance measurements to four or more satellites. The satellites function as known reference points that broadcast satellite identity, position, and time information via codes on two carrier frequencies-1575.42 MHz and 1227.6 MHz.
    The navigation system commands the Digital LBL Transceiver via a serial communication interface. Acoustic range-times can be measured between the Remote Transducers and seabed transponders and other transceivers/ transducers

Transducer :

This is a new LBL transponder designed around Sonardyne¡¯s next generation acoustic architecture allowing for both tone-burst and spread-spectrum signals

Transceiver :

The Digital LBL Transceiver is a highly configurable underwater acoustic transceiver, designed to support a family of Remote Transducers. The transceiver unit supports transducers operating in the LF, MF and EHF bands