Salvaging of sunken ships and other sunken foreign items.


Task Application

  Survey for sunken ships and other sunken foreign items.

   . Identify details of description and position of sunken object by side scan sonar..

   . Locating buried objects in sub-bottom of seabed.

   . In deep water, further detailed survey and inspection is done by submarine.

  Sunken ship and sunken objective.


Image of a sunken aircraft


Sunken ship salvage configuration



  Positioning Equipment : DGPS, RTK, U/W Navigation System, U/W Tracking System, Motion Sensor

  Survey Equipment :
Sidescan Sonar, Parametric Echo Sounder, ROV, Submarine(Pathfinder)

  Diving Equipments


 Collected Images


  Image of sunken ship Survey

"Kyung Shin Ho" in

depth of 97m

Kyung Shin Ho(Gray Color)

Kyung Shin Ho(Blue Color)

A sunken Ferry in Han river