Pathfinder Specifications

 Maximum depth of 600 meters, one man operation and 80 hours of continuously diving.


 Just recently Pathfinder has have completed most complicated and delicated mission of filming

'Mystery of Wang Dol' in depth of 500 meters as documentary for MBC TV and for Korean Marine Research Institute, surveyed and inspected a sunken ship called "Kyung Shin Ho" in depth of

100 meter, both in East Sea. In front of Busan harbor, also have surveyed and inspected another sunken ship called "13 Sam Boo Ho" in depth of 70 meter.



: 8.25 ft(2.4m)


: 5.3 ft(1.6m)


: 4.5 ft(1.35m)

Weight in Air

: 2.7 ton

Operating Depth

: 2000 ft(600m)


: 250 lb(114Kg)

Life Support

: 80 Man Hours

Max Speed

: 3 Knots


: 1 Pilot