Pre-survey & inspection of surroundings, terrain and sub bottom layers prior to new installation.

  Maintenance & locating damaged parts andrepair of existing pipeline.


 Task Application

  New installation of underwater pipeline

   . Pre-survey and inspection of location for new pipeline

   . Post survey and inspection to confirm layouts as per plan

  Existing underwater pipeline

   . Routine maintenance and inspection

   . Depth survey of pipeline

   . Inspection of any damaged part and trouble shooting


 Survey & inspection Configuration Diagram


  Positioning Equipment : DGPS, RTK, U/W Navigation System, U/W Tracking System, Motion Sensor

  Survey Equipment :
Sidescan Sonar,  Parametric Echo Sounder,  ROV,  Submarine(Pathfinder)

  Pipe Detecting Equipment : Pipe Tracking System

  Diving Equipments


 System Configuration

Underwater Pipeline Configuration


  Best and speedy solution to installation of any underwater cable.

  From collected database data, implication of ocean engineering will be very scientific and practical and    accurate on timely basis.

  We are able to locate any problems at early stage in order to reduce high maintenance cost.