Portable Parametric Echo Sounder has capability to penetrate into sub-bottom layers and create the image of ground layers up to 50 meters.

 Also in order to be precise, echo sounder has attached Motion Sensor to compensate the inaccurate data that caused by rocking motion due to wave.


 Parametric Echo Sounder is used for surveying sub-bottom layers, ground structures, buried items such as cable, pipeline, archeology and to determine accurate depth.

Primary Frequency

: 100 kHz

Secondary Frequencies

: 4,5,6,8,10,12 kHz


Water Depth Range

: 1m - 400m

Operating Ranges

: 5m - 200m



: 100 kHz - 0.02m + 0.02% of Depth
   10 kHz - 0.04m + 0.02% of Depth


: ADC -16 bit, > 1cm
  Multi Target Resolution - > 6cm



:Up to 50m dedending on sediments and frequency