Inspection of pollution of any wasted items as debris and rubbish from flood to protect our ecology and

   maintain clear water.

  Measurement of debris and rubbish amount to be salvage and removal.

  In past, work was done by human divers and complement were limited due to obstacles and hazardous

   working conditions and environment. Most effective way is by sidescan sonar

  Collected database will used for maintenance, repair and removal of debris and rubbish and future



 Task Application

  Monitoring of wide range of spread debris and rubbish.

  Inspection of amounted debris and rubbish on bottom floor

  Visual Inspection



System Configuration

Survey Configuration


  Positioning Equipment : DGPS, RTK, U/W Navigation System, U/W Tracking System

  Survey Equipment :
Sidescan Sonar, Parametric Echo Sounder

  Diving Equipments


 Survey Output

Survey Course

Overview image of debris and rubbish in 3D



 Expected Results

  Wide range Survey ( Sidescan sonar : 50-1000 m) reduces time and cost.

  Speedy determination of exact location.

  Collected database for speedy maintenace, repair, removal and prevention in scientific way.



Ferrous metal square tube

Concrete Block


Sunken Ferry

Ferrous metal square

tube Real Image

Concrete Block

Real Image

Tire Real Image

Sunken Ferry

Real Image