2006. 6    Salvage Inspection for Sunken Air Fighter(F-15K) in Eastern Korean Sea for Air forces of Korea

             (water depth 380m).


2006. 5    Residual Oil Inspection for Sunken ship "Kyung Shin Ho" for KORDI, Korea.


2006. 5    Subsea Cable Inspection(HVDC) for Korea Electric Power Corporation of Korea.


2006. 2    R&D project for Subsea Cable Inspection for KEPCO.


2005. 12   Subsea Oil Pipeline Survey for SK Oil Corp., Korea.


2005. 8    Site Survey for Oil Drilling, Offshore Korea.


2005. 7    Subsea Gas Pipeline Survey, Offshore for Korea National Oil Corporation

             (water depth 180m, 61 line Km).


2004. 12   Survey for Offshore Fishery resources, Pusan city.


2004. 5    Survey for Recovery of abandoned fishnet, Kijang province.


2004. 1    Survey for Subsea Gas pipeline(water depth 140m, 5 line Km).


2003. 12   Contract R&D project for Subsea Cable(HVDC) inspection for KEPCO.


2003. 5    Underwater retrieving & salvage work of rocket named KSR-III from ocean bed using

             our "Pathfinder" submarine for Korea Aerospace Research Institute.


2003. 5    Recovery of Russian Navy Battleship Dmitri Donskoi which was sunken in 1905 during the

             Russian/Japan war approximately one hundred years ago using our Pathfinder submarine in

             depth of approximately 405 meters underwater in front of Ul Lung Do island in East Sea.


2002. 10   Underwater environmental inspection of 3 bridges for City of Seoul, Korea.


2002. 5    Registered with Korean Marine Engineering.


2002. 4    Marine Archeology survey for Jeju Island Cultural Center


2002. 4    Marine Archeology survey for Jun Nam Cultural Center


2001. 9    Salvage inspection of sunken ship "Sam Bu Ho" by our submarine "Pathfinder" in depth of 76m

             for Korean Marine research Institute.


2001. 7    Salvage inspection for Sunken ship " Kyung Shi Ho" for MBC TV, Pohang, Korea in depth of 100m,
             Filming of Korean King Crab for MBC TV, Pohang, Korea.


2000. 9    Underwater Safety Inspection - Olympic bridge, Seoul, Korea.


2000. 6    Harbor Environmental survey by Side Scan Sonar in Eastern sea, Korea.


1999. 9    Underwater safety check - Hang Gang bridge, Seoul, Korea.


1999. 6    Underwater maintenance & repair - Young Dong bridge, Seoul, Korea.


1999. 5    Certified for Commercial Underwater Construction & Repair.