Survey for any underwater sunken and buried treasuries to salvage & environment prior to any constructions     for development.

  Mandatory by ministry of culture law.


 Task Application

  Survey for buried treasuries.

  Survey for gathered area and widely spread area.

  Visual inspection.


 Method of Survey

Side Scan sonar, Parametric Echo Sounder and manned submarine.

Diving ̿



  Positioning Equipment : DGPS, RTK, U/W Tracking System, U/W Navigation System

  Survey Equipment :
Sidescan Sonar, Parametric Echo Sounder, Submarine(Pathfinder)

  Diving Equipments


 System Configuration



  By wide range area survey ( 50-1000meter), reduces time and monetary cost factor.

  More speedy, scientific and practical than actual human diver.

  Collected database will be used for future maintenance and repair.



Sunken woods

Sunken Rock


Fish Trap

Sunken woods Real Image

Sunken Rock Real Image

Watercourse Real Image

Fish Trap Real Image